4 Coffee Shops to Get Some Work Done in Vancouver

When you just need caffeine, wifi, and silence



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Everyone knows the struggle of sitting down in a cafe to try to get some work done only to find that the cafe is too noisy, or the wifi is bad, or the coffee sucks. Sometimes, when you’ve got a looming deadline or you really need to focus, the quality of the cafe you pick can be the difference between whether you get your work done or not. Here are some Vancouver coffee shops that are great for doing some work in. 

Gene Coffee Bar2404 Main Street

That strange, all-white, pizza slice shaped place on Main and Kingsway is usually pretty full, so you might not be able to get a seat, but if you can, it’s a nice place to work on whatever because you can look through the huge windows at the street to give your eyes a small break. 

JJ Bean - 3010 Main Street

This particular JJ Bean beats out the other locations because it’s larger than the other locations and so you’ve got a better chance of actually getting a seat. The place fills up, especially mid-day on weekends, and some people will hang out all day playing chess or something. But JJ Bean has great coffee, really good muffins, fast wifi, and people are generally pretty calm and silent inside, so you can get your work done. 

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Kafka’s - 2525 Main Street

Kafka’s has a more homey vibe than JJ Bean, so if you value relaxation more than anything else, you’ll probably feel at home at Kafka’s. All their coffees are pourover and really good, but there seems to be a lack of outlets there, so if your laptop has a bad battery you may run into some trouble. 

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49th Parallel - 2909 Main Street

Known for having probably the best coffee in Vancouver and also housing some of the most delicious donuts, 49th Parallel is also great because they’ve got many different kinds of seating, so you should be able to find a place to work even if it is busy in there. 

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