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It is no secret that of all of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods, Gastown may just have the highest concentration of great food in the city. And, luckily, that extends to pizza, with many of the city’s best pizza spots landing in Gastown. There are many different styles of pizza in the area, from traditional Italian, to experimental fusion styles and vegan and gluten free options. Here are a few of the best places to get pizza in Gastown.

Hot Pie Pizza - 4 Powell Street

Considering how expensive many of the surrounding restaurants are, Hot Pie gets it done both price-wise and taste wise. They sell whole pies or pizza by the slice, and with crispy dough and fresh ingredients, they get it done any time of day. 

Pizza Farnia - 915 Main Street

An example of Neapolitan-style pizza done right. The crusts are light and thin, and the toppings are fresh and varied. Be warned though, it isn’t the most convenient place to grab a slice. It’s popular and only open for a few hours a day in the evening, so you may have to wait a while to eat. Also they close when they run out of dough, which seems to happen pretty quickly every day. Still, great pizza is worth it. 

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Nicli Antica Pizzeria - 62 East Cordova Street

Nicli Antica has a reputation for being one of the top pizza restaurants in Vancouver, and for good reason. The pizzas are cooked at 900 degrees in a wood oven for only a minute and a half. They arrive whole and you’ve got to cut them yourself, and the toppings are fresh and flavourful. It is also the first VPN certified pizzeria in Vancouver, meaning that a Naples-based pizza authority has given it the thumbs up. 

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