Where to Buy Sex Toys in Vancouver

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Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium- 1238 Davie Street

Little Sister's is all about LGBT representation. They have a lot of fun products—pins and stickers and cups—but also all of your sexy needs. Are you brave enough to try one of their "Surprise Bags"?

Womyn's Ware- 896 Commercial Dr

This place is a little pricier but the quality definitely backs up the cost. The stuff at Womyn's Ware is top of the line, and the staff really know what they're talking about. It can feel a little over-staffed at times, so if you're uncomfortable with getting help with your adult shopping be prepared to fend them off!

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Fantasy Factory - 1097 Granville Street or 1155 Davie Street

Oh baby. Fantasy Factory is open 24/7 at both locations, so you're never going to have to wait for longer than it takes you to get to the store and back. Staff are friendly but they do ID, so have your card ready!

Honey Gifts- 3448 Cambie Street

If you're a first timer and you're feeling a little nervous, Honey Gifts is a great place to start. The environment is super classy, but Honey still has stuff on the wilder side if that's what you're looking for! 

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