5 Easy GPA Boosting Classes to Take at UBC

You deserve an easy A once in a while



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Some people like to say that deliberately taking easy classes instead of classes that interest you in order to get a good grade to boost your GPA violates the very spirit of education and should be scorned. Some people say if you’ve got a bad GPA at UBC, you should pack your things and head to SFU or even, like UVic or something. I’m here to say, sometimes you just need an easy class or two to get things back on track. These 5 UBC classes are certifiable bird courses. 

URST 200 - Cities

An interdisciplinary introduction to the city in the context of contemporary globalization. Aka, you’ll learn some easy-to-remember information about cities, so you’ll have no problem getting an A if your memory is alright.

SWED 100 - Elementary Swedish 1

Entry-level language courses are a great way to get a GPA boost, because the profs will usually give you a break if you do your assignments and participate in class. 

ATSC 113 - Applied Meteorology

You can take this one as an online course, which will already save you time compared to other classes. It’s a brand new class, and you’ll study weather predictions, which is pretty interesting. 

LING 101 - Languages of the World 

A survey of the linguistic map of the world, examining how languages are genetically classified and how different languages evolve. The prof gives an outline for the exam that has every question detailed on it, so if you try at all it should be a certain A. 

EOSC 114 - The Catastrophic Earth: Natural Disasters

For some reasons at many universities, first year natural disaster courses are pretty easy. The quizzes are open book, there’s no midterm, and the final is multiple choice. That’s pretty easy!


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